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There are 365 beaches in Antigua Barbuda but where are they? Send this link to a friend


The purpose of 'Antigua Barbuda 365 beaches' project is to create a list of 365 beaches in the islands of Antigua Barbuda.

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This is an open data project - we need your help to compile the list. Every beach description that will be sent to us will be added to the list and will be available on-line for free for everyone with no restrictions.

So, what is this project all about?

We all know that there are 365 beaches in Antigua Barbuda. Tourists coming to Antigua Barbuda probably know that there is one beach for every day of the year in Antigua Barbuda because this is part of Antigua & Barbuda's marketing. Some of those tourists might have even come here in order to lime on as many of those beaches as possible.

but where are they?

By spending 2 minutes the next time you go to the beach you can help make the access to Antigua's most valuable natural resource easier to hundreds of thousands of tourists passing through Antigua every year...

Antigua & Barbuda claim to have 365 beaches and yet with all the efforts people put in marketing and improving tourism services, we leave the 365 beaches as a statement only rather than use our beaches in order to increase the appeal that Antigua & Barbuda have for tourists around the world.

Any business man knows that there are no customers like returning customers.

Let's make all those tourists into returning customers. How about all those tourists going home thinking - "This is an amazing island, I have got to come back to Antigua.. I have only seen a small fraction of what Antigua Barbuda has got to offer.. I must tell all my friends.."

Antigua & Barbuda tourism could and should be at the top of the Caribbean tourist's destinations, but it needs the help of anyone who lives in Antigua or cares about the island.

So next time you go to the beach, take your camera with you. Send us the images along side the beach name, location, how to get there, facilities and such and we will add your suggested beach to the list. As a reward for your support, each beach will have a credit line. That line can be your business's name, a link to your website or any other credit line you choose.




Any questions? see if our FAQ helps. Still have questions? This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


What is Antigua Barbuda 365 Beaches Project?

Antigua Barbuda 365 Beaches Project is an open data project that aims to compile a full list of the beaches Antigua and Barbuda has to offer. We hope that number will be eventually 365 but if we get to 276 known beaches, that every tourist visiting Antigua can find and any one who lives in Antigua will be able to find a new beach for the weekend, we will consider the project as a successful one.


What does it mean open data project?

Open data means exactly what it says - the data stays open and in our case - a non profit project. The beaches submitted and published will not be protected by a copyright and anyone can link to,email, print or create a PDF document from any or all the beaches.


Who is this project for?

Antigua Barbuda 365 Beaches project is trying to become a large and reliable source of information about Antigua & Barbuda's beaches in order to help both residents and tourists find beaches that they are unfamiliar with.

We will appreciate any beach description submitted by any one, whether you live in Antigua or found an exciting beach while visiting.


What is in it for me?

That question actually have a few answers.

1- Do you enjoy spending a day at the beach? Want to try a new beach? The longer the list of beaches will be, the more useful it will be for your enjoyment.
By adding a beach to the list, you help make the list a more reliable source of information and other people may want to join in and add their input.

2- Do you leave in Antigua or Barbuda?

That means you either work with tourists or support a business that works with tourists. The more tourists Antigua Barbuda will have, the higher quality of life we can all have.

We believe that a long and detailed list of beaches can enhance the experience for tourists visiting Antigua Barbuda. The more fun the tourists will have, the bigger the chances they will come back, send their friends, write a good review on TripAdvisor and so on.

3-  Do you have a website or a business you would like to advertize?

You can add a credits line for every beach you submit. The credits can be a link to your business's web page or a business name. Or you can just show your grandchild one day "look, I have 47 beaches on my name.."


How do I submit a new beach?

When submitting a new beach please remember the directions to the beach need to be clear to people who do not know the islands. Using roads or villages names might make it very easy to access for anyone who lives in Antigua but might make no sense to a tourist. Please try to refer to areas that can be found easily on the tourist road maps, such as English Harbour, the airport, Dickinson bay, Jolly Harbour and such. When using a less known points, try to add a short explanation. For example when we used Johnson's pt. as a reference we also mentioned that Johnson's pt. is the south west corner of Antigua.

Here is a short explanation for the fields in the Submitting a New Beach form.

Beach Title - The name of the beach. If you submit a small beach that does not necessary have a known name - feel free to name it or leave the field empty.

Description - Describe the beach in any way you like. Remember, the more information each beach will have, the more comprehensive and efficient the list will be.

Facilities - you can check as many of the facilities boxes as you see fit.

Facilities comments - any helpful information about the facilities around the beach.

Beach type - What is this beach good for except the obvious. Snorkeling, site seeing, kids etc.

Type Comments - Again, for any information you feel the check list is not enough.

Latitude & Longitude - Mostly important for anyone who would like to get to the beach with a boat but also for tourists who travel with a GPS in the car.

Getting there by land - The whole point of '365 beaches project' - how to get there. Please try to give an explanation from couple of directions.

Getting there by sea - Mostly important for the islands of the North Sound but you can write for every beach about the access, the kind of anchorage (if you know) and of known hazards in approaching the beach.

Image 1-8 - You can upload up to 8 images for each beach. Just browse to the file you have the images and upload them. The images we use are 600px X 400px but you can send any size. Please send land scape images (lying) rather than portraits (standing).

Credits - Your website, your business and/or your name. What/who ever you want us to give the credit to.

Comments - Anything you want to add...

Try it now - Submit a New Beach..


How do I update a beach or correct a mistake I see in one of the beaches?

Simply go to submit a new beach and write in the title - 'BEACH NAME - update' and then submit your information.


Will you publish any beach that will be submitted?

We will publish any beach that will be submitted after a quick review to verify it is not a somebody's idea of a joke.


Why is my name and e-mail required to submit a comment?

We require a name because if someone chooses to submit a follow-up comment to your comment , a name will make the conversation friendlier. If you rather not give your name, an alias will work just the same.

We need a valid e-mail for 2 reasons -

  1. As a safety measure for the website.
  2. We can inform you when someone is following up on your comment.

Your e-mail will not be displayed on the and will not be available to anyone.


I like it, how can I help?

Spread the word around. Send this link to a friend, put it on Facebook, put a link to this page on your website, help us inform as many people as possible in Antigua Barbuda about this project.

Or you can just grab your camera and a pen, go to your favorite beach and send us the images and the details today.



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